TOP 10 | Common Household Hazards

photo-10Below is a list of the TOP 10 common household goods + product category that typically prove hazardous for your pet:

1. Human Medications – Store in Cabinets! Just 4 regular strength ibuprofen can lead to serious kidney problems for a 10 lb. dog.

2. Insecticides – Avoid use of chemical-laden flea + tick killers.  Look into a holistic approach to pest control through diet, supplements + grooming.  Google ‘natural flea + tick control’ for options.

3. Veterinary Medications – Minimize the use of these drugs by looking into alternative treatment and therapy (holistic approach)

4. Plants – Many are highly toxic (i.e. azalea, rhododendron, lilies).  Try to keep around barley grass or catnip.

5. Rodenticides – Just as parents baby-proof a home, proactively pet-proof and trash the rat poison, opting for safer, more humane ways of getting rid of rodents.

6. Household Cleaners – Bleaches, detergents + disinfectants are a few out of many.  Store in a secure place, or switch to nontoxic, green alternatives.

7. Chocolate – It’s the caffeine-like substance, methylxanthines, that causes all the issues.  Carob Drops are the way to go!

8. Chemical Hazards – Includes but not limited to, antifreeze, drain cleaners, pool + spa chemicals.

9. Physical Hazards – From pet collars, money, adhesive tape, even baby pacifiers…it is important to keep items that can easily be knocked over, broken, chewed up or swallowed are kept away from pets.

10. Home Improvement products – Paints, solvents, expanding glues + other products used in construction/renovation.

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References: October 2013 


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