A-Z Blogger Challenge | Dog Chews, Treats + Bones!

New to the world of blogging, I recently stumbled upon the 2014, A-Z Blogger Challenge.  To briefly explain what this challenge is about (as I am sure, you have already heard about it), during the month of April, bloggers will flock to write a post, everyday (excluding Sunday’s), using each letter of the alphabet.

Not only being NEW to blogging, but also being NEW to e-commerce, the challenge does sound a bit scary to us.  But, we thought it would be really interesting and fun to join, in the hopes of building our blog following, honing our blogging skills (see just how creative we can get), and also, promoting our brand (what we are all about).

Encouraged by popular pet blogs, such as, Keep the Tail Wagging + Slimdoggy, we are super excited to see what everyone else will be blogging about; especially topics/posts related to Game of Thrones (yes we are fans).

Lastly, below is a screen shot of our April Calender, which hints to our topic of, you guessed it, dog chews, treats + Bones! Our schedule is not 100% definite, as we do have more than one possibility for certain letters (April Fool Ya a bit).  We are also looking to join some Blog Hops, which we are also NEW to (please be patient with us).  Altogether, we look forward to the month of April and hope our topic/blog posts will peak your interest.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.27.23 PM

For Yummy Treats Delivered via Mail, please check us out at: thaMUNCHbox.com. For any questions or concerns, please email us @ thaMUNCHbox@gmail.com!


#forGOODdogs #CHEWSwisely #gotthaMUNCHIES




  1. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge! I’m participating, too, although I can’t figure out why I’m taking on even more pressure than I already have 🙂 I’ve bookmarked you, so I’ll be coming back to visit throughout the month.

    1. Thank You! Good Luck to you as well, we am wondering the same thing, why are we adding this on the list of a billion things to do? We are definitley adding you to our feed, Bonnee is way too cute + the recipes look delicious!

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