ESO’s | tha Esophagus Chew for Dogs!


An All-Natural, Single Ingredient Dog Chew, ESO’s are made from the ESOPHAGUS of a cow… tha food pipe!

High in Natural Chondroitin, these slender dehydrated chews are great for a dog’s joint health.  Approximately 6-7 inches in length and one inch wide, ESO’s are perfect for any size dog.  Similar to a Bull Pizzle, these chews have a smelly odor to them, which your pooch will enjoy (unfortunate for us), however, Eso’s are softer than a Bull Pizzle, so they probably won’t last as long.  As always, the chewing/gnawing action required prevents tarter buildup, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

To try an ESO, Check Out:!

Note: As with any bone/chew or unfamiliar protein source, please MONITOR your dog and provide plenty of drinking water.

Happy Saturday,

MUNCH love!


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