Underrated Rawhide?!

Today, I will play DEVIL’s ADVOCATE and ask, is RAWHIDE UNDERRATED?

For the most part, I pretty much stand amongst the many that say:

Rawhide is Hard to digest, leading to an upset stomach & gas…

Rawhide is processed from unhealthy fed lot cattle treated with hormones & antibiotics…

Rawhide is Highly processed junk food with little nutritional value…

Rawhide is treated with dangerous chemicals including bleach, lye, & other harsh chemicals…

Rawhide is Short lasting & non-durable…

(… the list can probably go on, but thank you Only Natural Pet for making it simple for us)

However, working in pet retail, I’ve met more than a few customers, who never had issues with Rawhide, in fact, some even swear by Rawhide.  Yes, most of these customers have Labradors, a dog that is known to eat any and everything and be fine, but what surprised me the most, was this one customer who had a very Spunky, Active Corgi.

For this Corgi, Rawhide was very good for him, it helped to clean his teeth; his breath had never been better. AND, due to some G.I. issue, i’m guessing it had something to do with protein, rawhide was better for him, because it was plain, natural and simple.

This ONE customer and Corgi, really made me think and do my due diligence. That is when I stumbled upon different types of Rawhide, like Elk Rawhide or Bison Rawhide (NaturesBestRawhide.com), which is supposedly good for dogs with beef allergies and contain no hormones, no additives and no chemicals.

So, is Rawhide Underrated?

Any bone/chew can be hard to digest, leading to an upset stomach and gas, especially when protein content is considered.

Is Rawhide Underrated?

Since we are still on the fence about it, tha MUNCHbox will not be providing any Rawhide…anytime soon.

Instead, we prefer to focus on skin that isn’t so tough or hard,easily digestible, and likes to puff up and become crisp when baked or smoked.  Another great chew to clean those canine purely whites, Check-Out a Pig’s Snout!

Munch Love!

P.S. What are your thoughts on Rawhide?



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  1. Reminds me of the pork rinds (in all flavors) that were for sale at the Summervillle, South Carolina Flowertown Festival just a few weeks ago. I was amazed at the variety available. I guess it’s a Southern thing.

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