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X-Large Contest | tha DINO Bone!

For the Letter X, we are going to do something SPECIAL and host our first…CONTEST!!!

Would YOU like to WIN a X-Large DINO BONE and….a FREE Box Code from!

It’s SUPER EASY, just post a photo of your Pooch with a LARGER than life ATTITUDE or BRRAVADOOO (Foreign Accent), along with these 3 Simple Hashtags: #thaMUNCHbox, #DinoBONE, #forBOLDdogs

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This Contest will ONLY last for a day – Starting Monday Morning @ 12AM – Monday Night @ 11:59PM.

WINNER will be picked from a hat and ANNOUNCED the Next Day, Tuesday, April 29th!

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A Bite into Dino Bones:

All though these 17″ long bones are kept away for tha larger breeds, we think these bones are a great present for any size dog.  Made from real USDA Approved beef these bones are baked with a natural, savory-smokey flavor and are meant to last, offering long lasting gnawing action… without splintering.  Made in the USA, these X-Large bones can assist with eliminating boredom and stress relief/frustration, by teaching positive chewing behavior.  Reducing plaque and tarter buildup on teeth, as well as, relieving teething pain and toughening gums, these Dino’s are a great source of calcium and the soft marrow inside is a potent source of protein and emollients for GOOD health and Shiny Coats.



ANTLERS| 3 Quick Tips!

Quick Tip 1: Deer, Elk or Moose?


Elk Antlers, tha Perfect Medium

Not all Antlers are created equal.  Elk Antlers (moderate pricing) are considered to be optimal in density, having a low outer-structure to marrow ratio.  Deer Antlers (cheap pricing), are hard through out, lack core marrow and are prone to snap/crack (may cause dental injuries).  Moose Antlers (expensive) are flatter and less dense than both Deer and Elk Antlers.  Having the lowest outer-structure to marrow ratio, they are known to be better in nutrients (greater marrow content), but, do not last as long as Deer and Elk Antlers.

Quick Tip 2: Where Did the Antler Go? Secretly buried somewhere in the backyard…

While I find the natural forest/pine smell of an Antler to be pleasing, some dogs are just not into it. On that note, try rubbing olive oil, peanut butter or worcestershire sauce (???) to peak their interest.  Another trick is to boil and then soak the Antler in water, chicken, or beef broth/bouillon for 24 hours.  You can even rub the Antler down with a piece of sandpaper, especially if there are any sharp edges you may be worried about. Generally speaking, the more appealing the Antler, the better.  Moisture Content, Aroma, Texture, Palatability, Color (etc.), all play a role, so…GET CREATIVE!

Note: If you are too lazy to be creative, try a split Antler. Ultimately, your dog is interested in the marrow and the main reason as to why they probably weren’t interested in the first place, is because they were too lazy to chew through the outer-structure…to get to the marrow.  Split Antlers are good, because the marrow is readily available, but be advised that the hours of chew time is cut down.  

Quick Tip 3: Perfect for ALL dogs…or Naw!

The ultimate prize of chewing on soft, nutrient rich marrow, comes down to one word…PROTEIN.  And, too much protein can be bad.  We are talking upset stomach bad, or even vomiting.  If this is a concern, it would be wise to monitor you dog, allowing your dog to chew no more than an inch or less a day.   It is always best to provide plenty of drinking water when your pet is dealing with an Antler (or any bone).  Additionally, if the Antler becomes small enough to swallow, take it away.  Likewise, make sure your dog is gnawing and not trying to chomp the Antler into pieces.

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MUNCH love!