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Tendons | Nom-Nom-Nom!

Looking for a chew that doesn’t stink? Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.08.25 AM

Well then, you are in LUCK! Available in Beef, Bison, Lamb and even Kangaroo, Tendons are a perfect substitute for the FUNKY smelling Bull Pizzle.

Although these high in Protein, low in fat chews are slow roasted to prolong nutrients and strengthen gnawing toughness, they are easily digestible (stomach safe). Commonly derived from the achilles tendon, these chews vary in different shapes and sizes (Hector Bite, Wishbone, Lamb Twizzler, Flossies etc.).  Given the opportunity to chew from different edges and angles, these fibrous chews are known to be great teeth pickers, scraping away built-up plaque, preventing bad oral bacteria (bad breath).

Quick Tip: looking for this chew to last a bit longer, try a thick tendon, like the Hector Bite. Looking for more teeth picking action? Get a Flossie or Spiral Tendon.  Although these tendons are Skinnier and unlikely to last as long, your dog will put in some teeth cleaning work by trying to gnaw at this chew from it’s many different twist and curves. 

A wonderful chew for dogs of all ages and sizes, check out a savory Bully Tendon at! Hopefully soon, we will have more tendons to drool for.

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ESO’s | tha Esophagus Chew for Dogs!


An All-Natural, Single Ingredient Dog Chew, ESO’s are made from the ESOPHAGUS of a cow… tha food pipe!

High in Natural Chondroitin, these slender dehydrated chews are great for a dog’s joint health.  Approximately 6-7 inches in length and one inch wide, ESO’s are perfect for any size dog.  Similar to a Bull Pizzle, these chews have a smelly odor to them, which your pooch will enjoy (unfortunate for us), however, Eso’s are softer than a Bull Pizzle, so they probably won’t last as long.  As always, the chewing/gnawing action required prevents tarter buildup, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

To try an ESO, Check Out:!

Note: As with any bone/chew or unfamiliar protein source, please MONITOR your dog and provide plenty of drinking water.

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